The Beginning

In the beginning Jayland was just a newly made country by Lucas and Jay. Their goals included the desire to conquer the weakest country in the world Bhutan. This mission led to the creation of Jayland after Lucas had formed a small army of like 40 people.(The people didn't know they were apart of it for they did not read the contract) After the government of Jayland was formed in 8th grade in 2016 a man by the name of Robert formed Priceland which many members of Jayland were also apart of, even Jay himself was a member. Later that year Priceland was declared war on by Jayland and Alan, Alan also declared war on just Robert. This war led to the destruction of Priceland making it a puppet state and Robert being an outcast till 9th grade 2019-2020 where he was allowed in Jayland as D-Class eventually he was made R-Class his own personal class which at the time of writing this is equivalent to A-Class.

(Nobody expected a mindless man named Jay could form a nation united by their idiots and psychopaths. Jay started his quest to find the right people for a Counsel that Counsel being 2, then 4, now 5 because one left the chat. It didn't take Jay very long to form his country between the boarders of Chile, Australia, Chad, Greenland, and the USSR. It was hard because countries just don't let you take their land ya know. Jay new he must have a trusty sideman and he knew a man of the name Lucas (My Grandson) Lucas being a kind person who wanted to rule people said yes and together they got to work. They formed are Counsel then found citizens and loyal members. The randoms who we don't like were called peasants and later formed the D-Class. Life is Jayland isn't easy, everyone is depressed and has't to drink special water and be around others. The laws are harsh and unfair but we love them and we love Jay.)

I live to serve my master, Jay,
I live to serve the counsel,
I live to serve my country Jayland and die for it too!

(Written by Brendan)

This is being written by mainly Alan but if people want to add or correct information please do!
(Page Revisions by Jay ;>)

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