The Ice Cream Budget -Doctor Jaesh

Even before we gave Jayden permission to make an "Ice cream budget" Jayland was facing hard times. Money was scarce and the little money we had was being put into the military budget and for food we had to spend the change. We were all skinny and poor. Me and Lucas made all our money out of taxes, Alan had to collect offerings from the church. The others found their ways. Back in those days trading was confusing, there was no set currency. The money the counsel made from federal tax was scarce, considering me and Lucas, were hogging it all, slightly barbaric in retrospect but like I said, these were hard times.

The counsel were sitting at the meeting table, it was proposed we should start saving up currency if we had the slightest chance of survival. I reluctantly agreed and cut my pay and raised taxes. Soon new citizens came in; a peasant, a guy made of peanut butter (Or so i'm told), some crotchety old janitor, my bodyguard, and a sad harmonica player. Soon we were booming in cash from these new taxes. After years of living in simplicity we lost track of what to do with the money. Jayden, being the kind fellow he is, proposed for us to have an ice cream budget and all we needed to do was make him in charge of it.

Soon the counsel was putting so much money into the "Ice cream budget" that we didn't even realize he could spend it on other things then ice cream. Jayden, a crafty fellow, made us ridiculous war devices, poison flavored innocent Ice cream, and Ice cream cannon, and a massive jet with loads of ice cream that deleted through all matter it touched, that last one, we will get too in a moment.

The aforementioned jet, was first set suspended from a plane and a rope careening through the sky and is now in the same position in space with a wendy's.


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List of Jayden's Requests

Make a submarine (Accepted)

Use rockets to control the moon and move the tides (Denied)

Take over new Jersy (Denied)

Ally with new Jersy (Accepted)

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